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An update!

Everything is set up for the move.  We'll be loading the truck on July 30th, and probably leaving the 31st.  We found a HUGE two bedroom off Orcas and Rainer for a reasonable price and a six month lease. 

The condo here - I got an offer, we are working things out with the bank right now trying to sell it.  Crossing my fingers that this is done before we leave.  I'm sad that we (meaning Davon) went to all the trouble painting it, since it turns out we'll be selling at a loss anyway.  Oh, well.  Still have to repair where the shelf in the kitchen fell down, too.

Yeah, the shelf in the kitchen holding all the baking supplies fell about an hour before this guy was coming to view the condo.  I'm told it was a mess. Luckily Davon got most of the mess cleaned up before he came over (I wasn't scheduled to get home till 15 min before he was coming over). 

Um, still haven't found a position up there, but Regence is letting me work from the Seattle office till Sept 15th if I don't find anything sooner. 

Then we get to plan a trip to San Jose for Sept 25th for Allison's wedding! 

Its been pretty busy....
Sanity Loss

Lunchroom =/= ninja training ground

Now, the lunch room got some new dispensers recently - before they had the plastic silverware in bins, and you just grabbed what you needed. Now they bought these fancy dispensers that went in on Monday.

 I push the lever for a fork, fork pops out into the bin below. Check
 I push the lever for a knife, knife comes SHOOTING OUT and hits me in the stomach then falls to the floor.  WTF? I look down, and there is a huge pile of plastic knives on the floor below me.  Ahaha.... still WTF? I push it again, and manage to grab a knife out of the air as a it shoots towards me.

How do we keep the employees healthy? I know - we'll secretly turn the lunchroom into a ninja training ground!
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Wasn’t feeling well last night, so just ended up laying on the couch. Watched most of ‘Were the World mine’ – excellent movie. I was asleep for most of the beginning, but still liked it. Will have to watch the whole thing later. Then watched ‘Wall-E’.     Monday I worked on Final Fantasy. I’m on Chapter 8 now. 

Davon got a Wii, so I’ll have to play Twilight Princess now. Also, he found the first ‘Mass Effect’ at Gamestop yesterday, so that Is another one I wanted to try, but never had an X-box 360. 

Plans are moving along for moving . I talked to Paul and Glen at work yesterday. Now just need to start applying to jobs in Seattle and figure out what to do with the condo.

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April Fool's Mother nature! Boy you sure got me! Here I was, thinking it was spring, and then setting us up for the joke on Sunday with 70 degree weather!  

Then you were like, "April Fool's suckers! Enjoy your foot of snow! hahahahahahaaaa!"

I hope this is only a one day thing, Mother Nature!
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Well, lets see.  Alot has happened recently.

Went up to Seattle to pick up VJ.  Ended up in Seattle just for the weekend, running around rehoming his cat on Vashon (we missed the ferry back by 2 cars and ended up sitting at the ferry boarding dock forever... and Vashon has nothing to do!)

Then the next morning he had to take Ethan over to his mom's to get Ethan's stuff out of there, which we had been trying to do the night before (but couldn't because we missed the ferry).  That made us get started late, so we didn't even leave Seattle till 2 pm, and we didn't get into Salt Lake City till 5 am!! 

Then got woken up by annoying neighbors friend BLASTING music at 10 am.  Not happy.  I think we are going to have to move and just rent the condo while I try to sell it, because I don't know how much longer i can keep my sanity around annoying neighbor.  We literally live as far from annoying neighbor as possible in the condo building, and his music makes it so you can't even play games/watch a movie in the house because it is so loud.  His excuses, when asked to turn it down? - "Its daytime, so I can have it as loud as I want".... yeah, until we come up there and smash your speakers.

Lets see... I beat 'Heavy Rain'!  Saved the day!  All my characters survived (barely)!

I've started playing FF13 next.  Its very pretty, and the combats are intense.  Just got Odin as a summon. 
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Lets see...
VJ has been here, and we have been having a blast hanging out.  He is moving in next month! Yay!

I've been reading a very good book - Young Miles by Lois Bujold. 

Um, been playing White Knight Chronicles and Disgaea 3. Disgaea 3 is awesome. White Knight Chronicles is ok. It has massivley huge monsters, too! 

Work is work, and is driving me insane.  Hopefully I can survive without being dragged off to the insane asylum, but we'll see.

VJ had me watch 'The Hangover', which is hilariously awesome.  I borrowed 'Shoot 'em Up' from Arlo, so we are going to watch that tonight. 

Tomorrow is the condo association meeting - where i get to dump being president! whoohoo!

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Yay, Davon gets here on Sunday! So excited!

In other news, for Superbowl Sunday went to a Geek Superbowl party where we played Munchkin and then watched The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.  Very funny movie.  The Munchkin Quest cards I made worked really well.  The card maps (with places for Headgear, Armor, Shoes, etc,) worked ok. I'll have to play test them a bit more.

Also saw Allison and David on Saturday. They were here visiting from California.

I have Monday off from work, too, so more time to spend with VJ! Yay!

Nothing else really going on. Have still been riding on the bike trainer. Weather hasn't been nice enough to ride outside yet.  While riding I've been watching D-Grey Man.  I like it so far, although it took till the end of episode 22 to really get the start of a plot going.  Still fun anime.  Bohdan is going to lend me season 2 tonight. 

Um, nothing else really.  Bought White Knight Chronicles to play till FF13 comes out in March very exciting. 

I also learned I shouldn't browse when I am bored at work.
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Last night was fun. Got to play the Munchkin Quest and the expansion last night with Bohdan, Arlo, and some of their friends from their other D and D group.  Everyone used the cards I printed up and laminated, and they really helped cut down on the number of little pieces. I also printed up 'character sheet maps', but I don't think those helped as much.  I'll have to test those on regular munchkin.

  I like the new passageways and the traps from the expansion.  My half elf/dwarf cleric/wizard got caught in a sticky glue trap and then a noose trap LOL

Then we had lots of food, and watched 'The Gamers: Dorkness Rising' on Netflix streaming. OMG, it was hilarious.  Probably wouldn't be funny to a non-gamer, though. 

Anyway, a good time was had by all.  :D

And I'm excited cause Davon will be here THIS weekend! Whoohoo!
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Please post this if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has been eaten by demon bunnies. My wish for 2010 is that people will understand that being eaten by demon bunnies is not something to be ashamed of. Demon Bunnies hunt in well organized packs and are nearly unstoppable. They are truly ......terrifying. 93% won't copy and paste this... They have been eaten by Demon Bunnies.